Your Dog Rorschach

Ginger’s panting at the door, saying, ‘Take me to the park! I’m all alone. I need friends.’

Took a full year for Muttin Chops to get back to normal after Doug and I broke up.

Did someone overeat? Baxter! Is someone feeling guilty?

He's an Alpha, this Rooney. Likes to break rules.
He’s an Alpha, this Rooney. Likes to break rules.

Bella’s not big on vacations. She’s like, ‘Where’s my routine? I want some structure!’

Watch it kiddos. Lucy looks innocent, but she’ll hump anything that moves.

You wouldn’t believe how scared Tinkles was, all alone, the only wiener in the whole mall.

Mimi doesn’t trust men. Not right away.

Maestro says, ‘Enough already! Would someone just touch me!’

Toots is a lover, all right. But boy can she get jealous.

Misty’s nervous around kids. Stresses the hell out of her!

No, Annie wouldn’t make a good mother. She’s too into herself.

Hank is the horny one. But ole Jinxy just ignores him, shuts down, and acts grumpy.

Oh, Cinnamon. Everyone thinks you’re a mean ole bitch.

The Duke’s depressed! With the holiday over and the kids gone, it’s like he’s got nothing to look forward to.

Oreo’s insecure.

You know, these Dachshunds will tolerate disrespect for so long. Then, one day, you wake up and they’re gone.


Creative Space

Please don’t bother me, I’m writing.

I’m in the apartment, alone, thinking of things.

Important things.

Personal things.

Searching for words I will say

Waiting patiently

And pacing.

I’m in the bedroom

Looking over the books

Stripping sheets now

Showering again.

Removing laces from my shoes, charging batteries, and searching for candy.

Or Cheez-Its.

I’m opening the backdoor

Opening all the windows.

Standing and looking out from them

But now I’m closing them.

So please don’t bother me.

I’m on the brink of something brilliant here.

I’m watching Maury.

And I’m writing.